When Analog meets Digital : Wearable smart jacket

The Levi’s® Commuter Trucker Jacket with Jacquard™ by Google

Yuneui (Yunnie) Choi
2 min readFeb 25, 2018

When I saw this video I thought I was in the future. But this is now on. The new type of wearable jacket including technology. As everyone knows using a smart phone during riding is too dangerous but sometimes we need to use it.
This technology will reduce the percentage of the accident. Give freedom to riders’ hand have another opportunity as well.

The Levi’s® Commuter Trucker Jacket with Jacquard™ by Google has touch and gesture interactivity woven into the sleeve. When paired with your phone1, a simple brush or tap on the sleeve lets you stay connected to your music, navigation and friends without stopping to reach for your pocket.

It has three key functions.

    Get upcoming turn reminders or the ETA to your destination all while keeping your eyes on the road ahead.
    Hear who incoming texts are from, have texts read to you, and send calls to voicemail to listen to later.
    Play, pause, or skip songs without slowing down to grab your phone.

Think about opportunity of the gesture controlled interaction


And I also thought gesture controlled interaction will be the key sector of the future. When I saw the one episode of ‘Black mirror’ named 15 Million Merits which explain the situations that control screens by using the different motions was very interesting. We can use any functions without touching the screen.

And this might be the reason of the simplified user interface. Also, development of voice technology can be another reason for this prospect. I think now, we are using digital technology by touch and as a supporting material some voice recognition and motion gestures. At this moment other materials are just using as a supporting, however, in the future, I guess, this will be the center if the digital interaction. This jacket is just the first touch point to the future.



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