Say hello to the Global design Future

Design is future oriented

The Future Cone. Source: Joseph Voros, „A Generic Foresight Process Framework”, 2003
  1. What has happened (from past to present) Analysis Trends, Drivers, Disruptions
  2. What might happen (futures) Anticipation scenarios, Models
  3. What we might need to do (from futures to present) Choice Vision
  4. What will we do and how (present) Decision Action

“Canaries in the mind”

Our work is design canaries which mean alternative future. It will help test where our assumptions about the future and prevent risks.

“As a service designer, we design the system.”



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Yuneui (Yunnie) Choi

I’m a service experience designer who loves innovative technology, human-centred goodness and collaborative work. Currently based in Seoul, South Korea.