Internet of Things

Or Internet of everyThing, What’s next?

# 10 Predictions For The Internet Of Things (IoT) In 2018

  1. Enterprises will ramp up their efforts to pilot and roll out voice-based services to consumers.
  2. New European guidelines will give the green light for commercialising IoT data.
  3. Marketers will wake up to the IoT opportunity, while wearables remain a niche.
  4. Key use cases will drive a spike in deployment of edge solutions.
  5. Builders of industrial IoT platforms will exit the IaaS business.
  6. IoT platform offerings will begin to specialize in design and operate scenarios.
  7. A developer drive to the edge will precipitate IoT platform consolidation.
  8. Developers will pursue device integration via public cloud IoT platform services.
  9. IoT will be at the center of broader and more damaging cyberattacks.
  10. Blockchain-based IoT adoption rises to 5%.



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Yuneui (Yunnie) Choi

I’m a service experience designer who loves innovative technology, human-centred goodness and collaborative work. Currently based in Seoul, South Korea.