Internet of Things

Or Internet of everyThing, What’s next?

Yuneui (Yunnie) Choi
3 min readApr 7, 2018

“IoT is the key sector of hyper-connected society”

Nowadays, we are facing Hyper-connected society which is beyond connection. In hyper connected society, while great amount of information irrelevant to scale, capacity and volume is flowing, they will be transform continuously and will have a huge positive and negative impact on us. Experts said that Internet of Things might be core thing of this future society.

“IoT means mutual communication between human and products based on internet.”

As infrastructure of IoT expending gradually, beyond the communication between human, internet will be link to the data and process so that it will be reform to Internet of Everything. Again, in the generation of Internet of Everything, human, products, data and cloud become combine together.

To sum up, internet of things becomes Internet of everything and this becomes the core of the hyper connected society. After that, the world will evolve again and again.

Firstly, it will be good to know about predictions about IoT in 2018 for prospecting future.

# 10 Predictions For The Internet Of Things (IoT) In 2018

  1. Enterprises will ramp up their efforts to pilot and roll out voice-based services to consumers.
  2. New European guidelines will give the green light for commercialising IoT data.
  3. Marketers will wake up to the IoT opportunity, while wearables remain a niche.
  4. Key use cases will drive a spike in deployment of edge solutions.
  5. Builders of industrial IoT platforms will exit the IaaS business.
  6. IoT platform offerings will begin to specialize in design and operate scenarios.
  7. A developer drive to the edge will precipitate IoT platform consolidation.
  8. Developers will pursue device integration via public cloud IoT platform services.
  9. IoT will be at the center of broader and more damaging cyberattacks.
  10. Blockchain-based IoT adoption rises to 5%.

My interests among these topics are voice-based services and wearable devices. Because i’m really interested in smart products so that i’m using smart speaker, NUGU, galaxy gear 1 and 2. When i experienced these products, I found out some pain points, my need and thought about impacts.

At that time 2 years ago, some people said wearable devices has limited so that they will be disappear soon. At that time, I agreed with that. So, I was so surprised about Forrester expects that ‘Marketers will wake up to the IoT opportunity, while wearables remain a niche.’

My thought using smart watches is that have limitation because of their small screen. And when we think about their usage, they can’t used alone and they are just supporting materials for the smart phones. Furthermore, what i did with this product was just check notifications. Most of the pain points are caused by its small screen which restricted their potential and vision.

In this report noticed that marketers will open their eyes to this field because this is the new way of interacting with customers and they will building more intimate brand experience, they will extend their mobile moment strategy to include new interfaces with smart home speakers or smartwatches. In my opinion, link smart watch and something is the best position of smart watches. And I will try also think about the improvements of it. Because they can’t be used alone, what if digital contents coming out of the device as a hologram?

And I also think about the smart speaker. Simply, when we communicate with iPhone Siri, sometimes he is stupid to understand our questions and his responds are too simple to satisfy me. If they improve quality of responding, it will has a lot of potential in Smart home services.

As you can see above, there is no doubt that IoT is the key factor of the future services. We should consider IoT’s current limitation and barriers that blocked the potential of it and find out the way how can we get over this.



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