Global design future workshop

What may a sustainable future look like for social care?

illustrated by my team mate Niu.

“What do you think about sustainable future social care?”

We started with the brainstorming what our thinking about “Future social care”
Sustainable future social program : VR Global yoga in Nature

“Will social care still exist in the future?”

We called it the social program and not care because we worked to prevent independence with the help of technology, interest-based focus, connecting homes and community: Collaborative technology. For example, people can do exercise together in VR world.

What would your service look like if..?
What may your service look like in a sustainable future?
  • Target stakeholders
    - Local authority (users with mental health issues)
    - Tech hubs
    - IT Companies
    - The Community comitee
    - Hobby centre, Leisure centre, Yoga and gym centre
    - Travel agencies
  • The stakeholders’ needs
    - Not lonely, social and happy
    - Connecting different cultures
    - Global
    - New platform
    - Sustainable environment
  • Painpoint
    - Lack of diversity
    - Globalisation : no difference between nations and cultures
    - Lost of local heritages
    - Over-dependence on technology
    - Mental health
  • Opportunities
    - Combine interest & age group together
    - Improving mental health
    - Engaging activities



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Yuneui (Yunnie) Choi

I’m a service experience designer who loves innovative technology, human-centred goodness and collaborative work. Currently based in Seoul, South Korea.